talent is timeless international song-writing competition 2023


We were delighted – and rather amazed! - to be through to the semi-finalist stage of the internationally renowned, global Talent is Timeless song-writing competition!

Out of 3150 entries, ‘Forgive and Forget’ was one of just 150 songs considered for the coveted short list and a chance to win exciting prizes.  

One of our songs made it to this stage in 2021, so we were especially delighted to have got through to the semi finals again.  We’ve worked so hard on our newest songs, with more in the pipeline, and hearing we were on the semi-finals list made the hard work seem worthwhile.  

The decision on the winning song will be made by a panel of prestigious judges including Ralph McTell, Boo Hewerdine, Judy Collins, Tony Moore and Phil Beer.  

Although we didn’t make the short list of 25 songs, we are still thrilled to have had this recognition, and appreciate the positive comments and feedback on our song writing from the organiser of the competition.


3,000 visitors to our website

We're very happy to have had so many visitors to our website in the sixteen months since we launched it!  Most 'hits' are from the UK, but we receive hundreds from the USA, Eastern and Western Europe, South Africa and South America, Australia and the Nordic countries too!  It's wonderful our songs are reaching so many people, thank you for looking!

We were very honoured to be part of the 2023 summer Fatea Showcase Session. The Fatea Showcase Sessions are a series of downloads featuring acts that Fatea really enjoyed and think that more people should get the chance to hear.

You can imagine how thrilled we were to have been chosen to be part of it all!

The Fatea Showcase Sessions are designed to provide greater exposure to artists that have impressed the Fatea team. Some are already signed, others are carving a solo trail, releasing songs on their own labels, all are dedicated to their music.

Fatea Showcase Sessions are exclusively available for a three month period after which they will never be available again. The Fatea Showcase Sessions are zip files containing high quality, 256kbs, drm free, mp3s.

"See" is dedicated to all kinds of acts from solo artists, through duos to bands. Each act has their own style and we hope you'll appreciate each of their efforts. The Fatea Showcase Sessions are designed so not all of the acts come from the same genre. "See" is available from August 1st to October 31st.

Please share, download and listen to all 16 of the artists on this summer’s edition!

RNR magazine 100th edition - still the same review

We were delighted that Britain's most popular eclectic music magazine took the time to review our album, Still the Same. They said the harmonies and Vernon's 'big guitar sound' gave the album an  American feel and that the songs were potential earworms - 'earworm' is a term we've heard a lot from people who have listened to the album, it's great that RNR magazine think so too!